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Quinta de Lemos

Exceptional Traditions

Quinta de Lemos

Exceptional Traditions

Quinta de Lemos

Exceptional Traditions

Quinta de Lemos

Welcome to Quinta de Lemos, roots in Portuguese soil

Deep family Values

The family crest of four moons represents our values of Humanity, Simplicity, Vision and Sharing.

Proudly from Portugal

To honor our natal region, we create an exclusive wine, made of indigenous Dao grape varieties.

The art of winemaking

These grapevines were nurtured by patient and loving hands. We aim to produce a balanced wine.

Listen to Nature

Balance between modernity and tradition, between technology and nature.

Proudly presenting the Mesa team


The de Lemos branch has just recently opened up their “Mesa de Lemos”. We welcome you to experience with us a journey of flavors. All information and full details will be shared online as soon as possible!

Reservations can already be made by mail!

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Contact Information

  • Quinta de Lemos
    Passos do Silgueiros | 3500-541
    Silgueiros | Portugal

  • T. 00351 232 951 748
    F. 00351 232 951 495

  • GPS
    latitude 40°34’32”N
    longitude 7°58’55”W

  • Live freely, drink sensibly and smartly.

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